A small man with Roman features - the Brujah Primogen, more than willing to talk your ear off


“Our Clan has a long and prestigious history as the philosopher-kings of our kind. The modern appellation of ‘Rabble’ is beneath us. Beneath me, anyway.”

Critas is older than anyone knows, clearly from Old World and possibly from the Ancient World. His American English is impeccable, in the way that it would be if it was carefully studied instead of learned in childhood. He is a Brujah and an elder, but unlike others of his kind he is not even prone to lose his temper very often. The only person with whom he seems to have no patience for is Tyler, the Brujah Whip. Not his first choice, but pretty much the only non-Anarch (at the time at least).

And besides, Primogen Council meetings can be so tedious.

Critas is very influential in the scholarly world; University influence is really his forte, and he has had a long time to solidify the control that he has.

Critas was supportive of the Anarch movement, on a theoretical level, but did not participate when it turned violent a couple of years ago.

It may be due to his age, but Critas is well-known to be sexist, preferring the company of male intellectuals. His best students often become Ghouls.

In the aftermath of the Garou attack, Critas did in fact lay low for some time, but later re-emerged.


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