Bret Stryker

Another of Annabelle's childer, manager of a dance club; often acts as Annabelle's bodyguard


“You’ve got the body, but you don’t know how to sell it. Come back when you’re a grownup, maybe I can do something for you.”

If you try talking to Annabelle Treabel and get past her Ghouls, you often end up talking to Brent. When she’s out, he’s often nearby, watchful. When she’s not out, he is managing a large downtown club. He and Sophia Ayes do not seem to get along at all, both vying for Annabelle’s attention, and Bret winning.

Bret is the owner of the South Loop bar called The Shrine. It is a mecca for music fans and urban dance crews and hosts DJs spinning hip-hop, techno and retro beats.

It is almost like Annabelle doubled down in the aftermath of her failure with Sophia to snub other members of her clan – another dancer, another failed attempt to raise her own status among the Toreador, another plaything tossed aside – though Bret remains closer to Annabelle than Sophia has for a long time.

Bret dyed in the recent Garou attack, defnding Anabelle while she and Sophia made their escape from the fray.

Bret Stryker

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