Chicago's fine Sheriff - probably the closest the Windy City gets to "country" - and now Primogen under Ballard


“Hey there fella – you stop fucking around now, or you greet the sun. Got it?”

Balthazar is not a popular man, but he is the Sheriff, which is something he is not likely to let you forget. He is one of the Brujah, the minority, who did not side with the Anarchs in the war a couple years’ past.

Balthazar is a country type of guy – often out of place in Chicago. He is also kind of an asshole to everyone but his Deputies and the Elders above him.

Because he is one of the few Brujah who supported Lodin in the war, he has better hunting grounds than any others, including Tyler. He lives high on the hog, as he might say, and isn’t above flaunting it.

As the clearest heir to Lodin, Balthazar has thrown his lot in with Horatio Ballard – for now.

He now sports an angry red scar across his face, which if anything makes him scarier, if less handsome.


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