Annabelle Treabel

AKA Ellen Stanley-Greer, Toreador Primogen and poseur


Ghouls: John Greer, publisher of the Sentinel

Childer: Bret Stryker, Sophia Ayes

Annabelle is widely known to have the power of Majesty, which she is by no means above using, except when surrounded by other Elders.


“I’m sorry, were you under the impression I was listening to you?”

Annabelle is shockingly attractive, and carries herself with a studied, high-fashion-model bearing at all times. She does not stumble or stutter, and if she seems out of place, it is because everything and everyone around her is beneath her.

She would be easy to hate, if not for her supernatural ability to make you like her, want her, want to be her, and to magnify the pain when she ignores you, which is often.

Annabelle has cultivated mortal fame as Ellen Stanley-Greer, wife of John Greer, publisher of the Sentinel syndicate of publications. She is the envy of high society, seemingly ageless in her beauty and ever-increasing in wealth and influence.

Anabelle has been laying low since the Garou attack and the loss of her childe Bret Stryker. As a side benefit for her other childe, much more of her attention has been going to Sophia Ayes

After the Garou attacks, Annabelle focused on building up her identity as Ellen Stanley-Greer.

With the fall of Chicago to the Sabbat, the Stanley-Greer family moved to Milwaukee, taking a significant chunk of their media empire with them. As Chicago fell into decay, a number of hangers-on, sycophants and fellow socialites also made the move, making Milwaukee the premier city of the Midwest.

Annabelle Treabel

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