Alan Sovereign

Once Ballard's seneschal, now a Sabbat member


Sire: Lodin


Sovereign is Horatio Ballard’s childe, and is responsible for control of the banking and finance industry in Chicago. It is widely suspected that he bank-rolls a great deal of what Ballard and, ultimately, Lodin are able to accomplish.

Alan has made his best bet thus far, and has sided with Horatio Ballard, hoping for the position of Seneschal. He bided his time under Lodin’s control for decades, and that has to count for something.

Now that he has fallen with the Sabbat, Sovereign has lost some of his Finance influence. He was placed in a new pack when the city fell called Hot House, and expected to be the pack leader, but was defeated by Reuben Sturman in monomacy. He was then defeated by Shejana in monomacy for the position of pack priest. As it stands, he is essentially Reuben’s bookkeeper, managing his multi-million-dollar porn empire: Hot House Studios.

Alan Sovereign

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